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Aleksandra is a fine artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Painting from Arizona State University and an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Fashion Design from Phoenix College . She lives and works in Phoenix , Arizona. She moved form Bosnia and Herzegovina (Former Yugoslavia) in 1997 with her family. She taught drawing at the Jewish Family Services Center in Phoenix. At Paradise Valley Community College she teaches various art classes in the Continuing Education Division. Her work has been exhibited in both solo and group shows. She works in oil, acrylic, and watercolor. Color inspires her the most. Her motto: " Every man in creating the beautiful appearance of the dream world is a perfect artist." Friedrich Nietzsche

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February 23, 2010

PINS (EXCHANGE) mixed media project

mixed media project
    I will be attending for the first time Yuma Art Symposium this year. I made pins to swap with other artists. I am so excited. To learn more about my process and to see completed pieces scroll down If you have any questions or would like to order pins contact the artist .

YUMA Art Symposium
The Yuma Symposium is comfort food for hungry artists.
The presenters come from around the country to share their work; and like a potluck with great friends you know it’s going to be good. We bask in the warmth of Arizona’s winter sun while forming bonds that may last thirty years or more.

Join us for our thirty-first year!
February 25th - 27th, 2010
To learn more click HERE .

-sturdy cardboard ( for the background) or anything else that you can work with
-pin backs ( a pack of 30+)
-tissue paper ( different colors)

-fabric pieces
-tissue paper leaf rubbings
-glue gun

-mod podge
-old brush


1. I found these sturdy cutout shapes in the scrap booking section. You can use any material that will be strong enough to have a pin back attached to it.  As well as any additional things you add to it. If you want to have a signature on the back or a contact info, a sharpie works just fine.

2.  Check that  the glue gun is hot enough before you start squeezing it. Do not put too much glue on the back just enough to secure the metal pin back. Make sure that you have it facing the right way or it will be much harder to wear it. I did all the backing to my pins at the same time as not to worry about it later on. And to put the hot glue gun away.

3. I take out all the stuff I might use on the working surface so I do not have to get up once I get started. I have more materials than I need just in case I decide to switch it up a little bit.

4. Do not think too much about the final look. Have fun with different colors and textures. If you are using mod podge,  apply it on both the back and top of your tissue paper. For sturdier materials I use the glue and then press on it to make it stay.

5. Since this is a small working surface, less is more. Do not put more than3-4 different things on the pin , otherwise it will lose its spontaneity.

6. On some of the pins , I used the words as final accents. 

7. Enjoy the process and find someone to trade your pins with. Build your own collection. I found a cute box to store them , facing each other two at a time.

Completed Pins









Original Artwork. Art Classes. Inspiration.

February 09, 2010

MURAL: Underwater Scene

MURAL: Underwater Scene (bathroom wall- no window)
2-DAY PROJECT(acrylic paint on wall)

DAY 1- getting started

initial drawing in pencil on the wall
drawing of a fish in pencil

First layer of color  applied.
I started with the darkest green for the plants.
The bathroom wall was painted a light
cool blue hue before hand.
I wanted to have bright colors at the end. My
little reef changed color from pinkish-red to
pinkish- purple at the end.

The scale of animals/ fish etc.
to the environment are of my own free choosing.
On the first day my goal was to cover 
the whole surface with paint to
lessen the blue coming through.

After 4 hours I managed to have a 
good solid painted surface to be able to
come back and work with the appropriate
color selection.
In some areas, paint is applied thinly to
allow it to dry faster.

DAY 2- finishing up

Little swirls represent waves. I decided not
 to outline all the imagery with the black
paint (but was tempted to).
By adding white to my mixture  of
blue+ yellow, I was able to put highlights
on the previously dark parts.
If you feel that you want to add some more detail,
this is the right time to paint in little rocks, plants etc.

Painting the bubbles was fun. Make sure
you have dark areas down first, so you can 
place rounded highlights last.

Due to the small space in the bathroom, I was 
unable to take a single photo of the whole
scene.  This one represents the center 
and the right side of the mural.

This is the left side of the mural with the turtle 
swimming from the side. Again some more
bubbles. You can see the color of the reef changing.

Mural (detail) 2010

Original Artwork. Art Classes. Inspiration.

February 08, 2010


 PROJECT# 8 Painting in Acrylic Step by step demo
Two Friends acrylic on paper 2010

1. Acrylic Paint (colors used: white, cerulean blue, phtalo blue, burnt umber, cad.red. cad. yellow & black)
2. palette (paper/ plastic plate will do for a smaller painting)
3. spray bottle to keep your paints moist
4. rags/ paper towel to clean brushes
5. brushes

Once again we start with a drawing. I used a
watercolor pencil but an HB pencil will do as well.

  With a mixture of burnt sienna and blue,
I paint the dark areas first.

 acrylic on paper 2010
Since the carpet has intricate detail, I try not to 
lose the pattern  itself. Keeping the paint 
transparent I paint the first layer of paint.

acrylic on paper 2010 
Establishing the background allows for the 
main subject matter to be focused on.I used 
rich reds and kept reapplying the color in 
subsequent layers.

acrylic on paper 2010
I did more blending on the legs to accentuate their
smoothness. The play of feet becomes the 
focal point. Using darker color around the edges
makes them stand out even more.
I also worked on the couch some more.

For the skin shadows I used
light violet + red + white mix.

Two Friends 9x11 acrylic on paper 2010  $225
(not counting mental preparation which allows me to carry 
the image in my head for a couple of days, before
I sit down to paint it)
The color of the photo is a little off so I will have 
to take another one to convey the true colors
in this piece.

P.S. Thank you my wonderful friends Kristen and 
Kalina for your support , and for being great inspiration 
in my work.

Original Artwork. Art Classes. Inspiration.


To get a complete listing of all SPRING 2011 classes in the Continuing Education at PVCC click here

PEN AND INK with Watercolor

Explore and apply different texturing techniques (contour lines, parallel lines, hating, crosshatching, dots and stippling) to your work and use them separately or combined to produce countless effects in pen and ink with watercolor.

Improve your skills through various demonstrations and exercises. You will create value charts and bars for future reference. Students will also receive one on one instruction throughout the course.
For supply list contact the instructor at :

a underscore buha at yahoo dot com
Instructor: Aleksandra Buha.

Subject: Cont_ed Course# 100-10150
#58148 Feb 5 – Apr
2 1-4pm
Fee:$129 8 Saturdays UHILLS Q151
No class March 19.

#58864 Mar 31- May 5 3:30-6pm
Fee: $109 6 Thursdays BLKMTN 109


Individual and unique styles will be encouraged for the beginner and intermediate artist, as you learn about oil and acrylic media and how to use either of them to create paintings from your personal photos or favorite pictures. Manipulate, enlarge, crop and combine images to create dynamic compositions.

For supply list contact the instructor at:

a underscore buha at yahoo dot com

Instructor: Aleksandra Buha
Subject: Cont_ed Course #100-10134

#58124 Feb 5 - Apr 9 9am-12pm
Fee: $129 8 Saturdays UHILLS Q151

No class February 26 and March 19.

#58125 Feb 2 - Mar 23 2 - 5pm
Fee: $119 7 Wednesdays BLKMTN 109

No class March 16.


Learn how to arrange and sketch basic geometric and turn them into fruits, flowers and other traditional still life arrangements. We will explore composition, laying out and planning, rhythm, color schemes and much more through various exercises.

Bring your own still life components or paint from the classroom set-up. All painting levels welcome. Students will also receive one on one instruction throughout the course.

For supply list contact the instructor at :

a underscore buha at yahoo dot com
Instructor: Aleksandra Buha

Subject: Cont_ed Course# 100-10257

#58122 Apr 16- May 7 1-4pm
Fee: $99 4 Saturdays UHILLS Q151


If you ever wanted to learn how to paint with oils, this class is for you. We will discuss the brushes, paints, painting mediums, palettes, supports and other important basics.

There will be demonstrations of various techniques such as dry brush, painting on toned ground, all prima painting, working with painting knives and glazing with an overview of color basics (value, hue, saturation and temperature) and elements of composition.

For supply list contact the instructor at :

a underscore buha at yahoo dot com
Instructor: Aleksandra Buha
Subject: Cont_ed Course #100-10157

#56716 Jan 31- Mar 21 6:30-9:30pm
Fee: $119 6 Mondays UHILLS Q151

No class February 21, March 14.

#58126 Feb 2 – Mar 23 6-9pm
Fee: $119 7 Wednesdays BLKMTN 109
No class March 16.


This class is designed for students who wish to expand their painting capabilities. We will be covering composition, value and color. Brushwork and knife techniques will be demonstrated and discussed. This is designed to get you moving beyond the “comfort zone” in your painting.

We will also work from still life set-ups in the classroom. Students will also receive one on one instruction throughout the course. Critiques will be given.

For supply list contact the instructor at :

a underscore buha at yahoo dot com

Instructor: Aleksandra Buha
Subject: Cont_ed Course #100-10259

#58127 Mar 28- May 2 6:30-9:30pm
Fee: $109 6 Mondays UHILLS Q151

#58128 Mar 30 – May 4 6-9pm
Fee: $109 6 Wednesdays BLKMTN 109


Paradise Valley Community Collage (PVCC)

18401 N. 32nd street

Phoenix, AZ 85032

For map click here.

PVCC at Black Mountain Campus

34250 N. 60th St.

Scottsdale, AZ 85266

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